For this project, we are required to use a sharp IR sensor (an infrared range detector) and make something that exhibits calm technology. I started thinking about a specific location in the building of Parsons on the 10th floor where 4 separate areas meet in one small space. Because there is so much traffic going in various directions, it is hard to see if someone is walking, or sometimes running, around the corner. I’ve noticed that people accidentally run into each other because of the blind spots created by the corners of the walls. So, the role of my project is to prevent human collision and create a visual indicator that will indicate if someone is approaching the area and from what direction. Because the IR sensor picks up a very short distance in range, I need to do some testing and figure out where to place the sensor, giving it a jump start (few seconds) to detect that a person is moving towards this small area.

Images of area & prototype sketch:

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Some things to consider

Look & Feel:

I need to figure out exactly where I should set up the IR sensor and the visualization. The lights need to be noticeable, but not right above the doorway. One question I have is regarding color and how I can prevent using red and green as indicators. I am not sure if this will work, but maybe with the right placement and use of fading in and out of the LEDs. I am thinking that the LEDs will slowly animate from low to high (nearby to too close).


Input : sharp IR sensor

Output : some sort of LED display that visualizes a person approaching this area. I will be using a PWM driver, TLC5940, which will allow me to use up to 16 LEDS and create a calm gradient or wave of color as the person walks towards it. (which will be shown in the opposite space)