Objective :
To be the person with the most hexagonal tiles at the end of the game.
Game Pieces :
 Player Tokens : 3
Hexagonal Tiles : ~30 (hexes)
Game Setup :
 The hexes should be laid out in this configuration with the player tokens in the designated spots.

Optional Advanced Setup : The players lay out the hexes in any configuration they all believe is fair.
On a Turn:
A player may
move their token two hexes
rotate two hexes one space each
rotate one hex two times
move one hex and rotate one hex once
rotate the hex their token is on once
At the end of the turn:
After taking their two actions, a player collects any hex which is touching one hex or less.

At the end of any turn:
If a player’s token is left on a hex which is removed, they are out of the game.
Rotation Rules:
Hexes can only be rotated if they are adjacent to the player token’s current hex.
A hex may not be rotated if it is connected to more than two other hexes on opposite sides.

Movement Rules :
 A player may move through another player’s hex but may not land on it.
If a player moves through another player’s hex, they may not rotate any hexes that turn. This counts as two moves.

End of the Game:
The game is over if there is just one player left. That player receives any hexes still in play.
Each hex is worth one point. The player with the most hexes at the end of the game wins.