Over spring break, I made a sequencer by using a 2D array of notes (code via zach gage) to create a grid system, where there are 32 notes (rows, x) and 24 notes (columns, y). I created a new class so I could control the color and size of the circles, depending on if they are on (pressed) or off (not pressed). I had a few issues when I converted the squared to circles. When you press the circle, sometimes it will turn on the circle next to it, which is something I need to work on fixing. It’s fairly simple, but I would like to keep developing this project. Depending on how I approach it, I probably will end up re-writing it because the zach g’s code I was working with, although very efficient and logical, it was a challenge trying to work with the 2D boolean arrays.


Updated version :: The mouse functions are now accurately mapped to each circle / note.

updated code