Assignment: Build a non-computational sound visualizer. Collaborated with Burcum Turkman.

First we used different colors of glitter to visualize various levels of frequencies.

With the same technique, we experimented with different songs. This one is Radiohead, Codex.

For this one, we used Jason Jordison’s (slipknot) drum solo.

Metallica (S&M) – Master of Puppets.

We mixed the glitter with cornstarch and water. The results are pretty sweet. We didn’t use a song for this one, but alternated the frequency levels.

Assignment 2 : Build / Find / Document a visual equivalent to granular synthesis
think specifically about the stochastic nature of granular synthesis, and how you can make something that’s a visual equivalent.

I built this in oF. I ideally, I would want this to be an image and as you move the mouse, the pixels become clear.

For the next two projects, I worked in Processing to experiment with pixel data. I think the first one represents granular synthesis more accurately.