Create a kinetic type piece on GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Be convincing and support your argument with facts. 15-30 seconds.

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Fish or Frankenfish?
aka Genetically Modified salmon.
The salmon’s added genes allow it to grow twice as fast as its wild relative…
18 versus 30 months.
If the FDA approves, it will be the first genetically manipulated animal allowed for human consumption in the US.
The FDA claims that GM salmon “is as safe as regular salmon” but there are currently NO human health safety tests being conducted.
So in effect, WE are the experiment.
And what will happen when Frankenfish escape into the greater environment??
Today it’s a fish, but very soon it will be a genetically engineered pig, cow or chicken…
Do you want salmon to become a commercially-available GM species?
And if so, will you eat it?
Stay informed.