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Little Shadows is a performative, audio-visual installation. It proposes a new and playful interactive language that can be learned through intuitive mappings between the movement of hand gesture shadows and how they behave, in relation to shape, color and sonic output, in a collaborative space of expression. The shadow-based instrument focuses on how intentionality, learned-actions and decision-making ultimately guide users through the interactive system. The main goal is for participants to discover and learn the audio-visual language mapped within the system through the joint effort of communicating and recognizing patterns that will emerge as shadow gestures are created over time.

Many hand gestures, specifically hand signals, carry multiple interpretations, depending on the cultural and social context. But my focus revolves around the idea of hand gestures as a tool for expression and the ways in which it can shape and actually derive new forms of non-verbal dialogue between users. My essential design question revolves around the idea of how the audio-visual system can provide a visceral space where users can communicate by using a shared language with a strict ruleset.

I see gestures as a vast and rich area that can be explored within an audio-visual environment since the fluidity of gestures offer room for trialability, experimentation and most importantly, expressiveness that can be shared amongst people from various cultures. This performative interaction that I am proposing and currently testing and building is an opportunity to create something powerful and poetic – via a strong hybrid connection between gestures, shape, color and sound –  that can be exchanged and understood in a seamless and clear demeanor. I’m not creating a game per se, but there is a back and forth dialogue that will taking place between the users.